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Review of Growing Healthy Churches by Daniel R. Sánchez and Ebbie C. Smith

Statistics and examples of church growth described in Growing Healthy Churches are not solely centered on American church traditions, but offer a global perspective.  For example when describing challenges to church growth, Sánchez and Smith quote McGavren’s findings in Uruguay of the cultural tension between Roman Catholicism and Christianity.  In prescribing methods of church growth, the authors further benefit readers by providing and understanding of cultural competence.  The authors explain the great value in church health and growth of cultural awareness in practice, environment, and expectations.  The authors greatly describe practices that may take different forms in different cultures with great awareness and expertise.  They explain some missionaries might feel drawn to encourage individuals to stop swearing and dancing, or encourage the females to wear shirts but may need to come to understand the culture in order to avoid appropriation or offending for the sake of longevity. 

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