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Review of Dear Madam President by Jennifer Palmieri

A lover of all things girl power, this subtitle pulled me in.  I found Palmieri’s letter to the girls who will lead our future, especially in the political realm to be practical, insightful, and interesting.  Author served on the staffs both of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  She was the individual to share with Hilary that her “secret e-mails” were coming under scrutiny.

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An open letter from a woman sitting in your service

I sit in your services every Sunday. I listen to your sermons and read your books. I am a woman in your seminary classes, pursuing equal education and reading the same textbooks. I attend the same conferences, taking notes under the same speakers. And on Sunday mornings I almost always wait in line to use the restroom, while at ministry conferences I have almost never waited in line for a women’s restroom.

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