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18 Books I read in 2018

This year I felt compelled to add some diversity to my reading list.  In the spaces I fill, I often find myself advocating for diversity, yet my 2017 reading list looked a little too unified.  So this year, I mixed it up.  I read some fiction on the beach, read an autobiography over Christmas, and read many a Christian living along the way.  I wanted to read books by both men and women of various races and ethnicities.  And I have many to recommend for your 19 books of 2019.

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Review of "Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human" by John Mark Comer

Garden City narrows in on the line we often draw between the "sacred" and the "secular."  Placing one on a pedestal, demoting the other to menial.  Yet, John Mark Comer juxtaposes this predisposition with the life of Jesus who entered intimately into the secular and mundane in the fullness of the sacredness and glory of God.

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Review: Men, Women, and Worthiness by Brené Brown

he shares research and meta-analyses that she’s performed but I found what brings the message of Men, Women, and Worthiness so close to home is Brené’s own personal stories interspersed, like the woman in the carpool line saying, “Working so much must be so hard on your family” and the way she named and handled the shame she experienced.

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